Ed Lynch was first introduced to woodworking at a young age by his grandfather, Pop-Pop, on their farm in Pennsylvania. His interest in woodworking continued, and by the time he was in high school, now in Colorado, he had hand crafted everything from skis to beautiful custom furniture. During this period of time, Ed built his first instrument, a banjo. He even cast the metal tone ring using wooden molds he fashioned. He continued woodworking, and opened his own business, Lynch’s Custom Works, LTD, in 1984, although his focus was on cabinetry and furniture. His interest in building instruments began to grow again when his oldest son was in high school jazz band playing percussion. After building a few percussion pieces, he decided he wanted to take bass lessons so he could jam with his son, but they told him he needed a bass of his own. At the next lesson, he brought in a full size cardboard layout of the bass he had decided to build. The guys at the music store got a big kick out of it, but within two weeks Ed had the finished product in hand. Over the next few years, Ed began building more instruments gaining wisdom and skill from the Creator and through experimentation. His innovative and artistic approach to building yielded many beautiful and unique instruments which were designed primarily for use in worship to the Lord Jesus. Therefore many of the instruments Ed built were offered to worship leaders and Christian musicians who provided critical feedback in the process of refining the design. He also created unique instruments for each of his other four children. Today, Ed’s main focus is electric guitars and basses, although he builds a variety of other instruments, including arch top guitar, slide bass, acoustic guitar, and innovative hybrids between dulcimers and mandolins, harps and guitars, and eight stringed ukulele derivatives. Ed designed his own bridge, and also designs and builds his own pickups [other brands of pickups are available upon request]. From selecting wood to the finished product every instrument is created meticulously to become a vessel for musician’s art.